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1. Print out the Reservation Form (see Upcoming Tours section), Fill out the form and mail it to us or scan and attach to an e-mail.

2. Call us and we will register you over the phone and take your payment information.

Refund Policy

Each tour that you choose to participate in is a vacation investment of your time and money. We would always hope that each person is able to fulfill their vacation dream but we also know that sometimes that is not the case. There are many reasons that come up for a person to have to withdraw from the vacation that they have planned for and dreamed about. Whatever the reason, the question that is always asked is, “Will I be able to get my money back?”

Due to the fact that we must secure and prepay many expenses in advance makes it difficult to refund any monies that has been paid. Therefore, Heaven Bound Tours HIGHLY recommends that you purchase Travel Insurance Protection which would protect your vacation investment. Gary cannot stress the importance of this enough! Travel insurance generally is fairly inexpensive and truly worth having because you just never know what could come up that would prevent you from completing your vacation dream.

Heaven Bound Tours includes Travel Insurance in the tour cost for tours that are greater than 6 days. You would always have the option to decline the insurance if you so choose.  Tours that are 6 days or less the insurance is an optional item for you to include if you choose.  It is important to note that when you pay your deposit for any tour part of that deposit amount is for your travel insurance, if it is a tour greater than 6 days. It is equally important to note that when you pay your deposit you must be deemed “fit” to travel at that time.  If a insurance claim has to be made you will need to remember that our group insurance is not a cancel for any reason type of insurance.  It must be a covered reason such as sickness, injury, hospitalization or death of a family member, etc.  It is an insurance claim and you will have to fill out paperwork for the insurance company and provide documentation of the covered reason for the claim. Your refund generally takes about 4-6 weeks once the insurance company receives completed paperwork.  We have had several who over the years have had to use the insurance and they all have been glad they had it.

In the event that a customer has to cancel their trip Heaven Bound Tours will not be able to refund deposits paid.  If Heaven Bound Tours is able to replace your spot with someone else then you will be able to receive a refund from us for the deposit and monies paid.