Heaven Bound Tours



1. Print out the Reservation Form (see Upcoming Tours section), Fill out the form and mail it to us or scan and attach to an e-mail.

2. Call us and we will register you over the phone and take your payment information.

Here are some of the benefits of group travel:


Let someone else worry about getting you to Point B

Whenever we take a long trip in the car, at least one person is exhausted by the time we get there. Between looking for the correct signs and landmarks or trying to work the GPS system and dealing with the other drivers, it takes much of the fun out of traveling. When you go on a tour, our highly trained and responsible drivers will get us to our destination quickly and safely. Enjoy the scenery and new sites. Take the time to catch up on your reading, craft project, or just catch up with your friends and family! Many of our coaches even have wi-fi in addition to DVD players where we share documentaries plus movies and of course from time to time playing bus bingo, where the winner gets a $2 bill!


Experience unique restaurants, hotels & attractions

We all recognize the neon signs of the fast food joints. But how do you know you’re not missing a great local diner or down-home meal around the corner? Gary and Lynn have scouted across the country and bugged their friends far and wide to find you some iconic places to dine and to visit. Plus Gary always seems to sneak in a few that is not on the itinerary.


No need to worry about the price of gas

There’s nothing like the shock of seeing how expensive gas is in cities like Chicago, New York or San Francisco. Even with a fuel efficient car, it’s hard to guess how much it will cost to drive somewhere until the credit card bill arrives. A luxury motorcoach is one of the most fuel efficient ways to travel, and the cost is already factored into the price of the trip.


Avoid feeling cramped

Between the large suitcases of clothes and the gadgets and gizmos, most cars might get a bit tight with more than 2 people traveling together. Add a few days of shopping for souvenirs for family members and it might get a bit overwhelming. With ample luggage space underneath the coach and overhead storage on the coach, you’ll be able to bring back all sorts of trinkets and treasures.  As Gary will tell you, the only rule is, “If you can load it, we can haul it.”