The upcoming senior adult tours are the best to book if you are a senior citizen or have someone you care for. Christian Tour Groups are refreshing and fun for the people who have been responsible and need a break now. If you deeply care for your parents or grandparents this is the best treat you can give them.


When you tour with us you get the absolute best of everything because you travel with the owners. From stays to food to sites everything is perfect on our tours. We take the smallest details into account to make travel comfortable for the people who trust us with their travel plans.


Our upcoming senior adult tours are literally amazing if you want to take some fun time out for yourself. Christian Tour Group best thing is we are not like other travel planners who remain distant from the people who book them. The owners travel with you to ensure that you are well taken care of during the travel.


If you are not comfortable during the tour you won’t be able to enjoy the most and that is something we don’t want to happen. We want to make sure that you have an amazing time with us. We look forward to making long term relationships with you so you will travel with us again.