About Us

Heaven Bound Tours is a faith-based Christian company desiring to provide quality group travel packages to believers of all ages.

When you travel with Heaven Bound Tours, you always stay in the nicest places, dine in some of the best restaurants, and find hidden gems throughout the tour because the owner travels with you every step of the way! From stories and films about the area’s you’ll see to local step-on guides and iconic stops, you’ll never be bored.

Our goal for group travel packages is to provide the best quality package at an affordable price. We want each tour not only to be a wonderful vacation experience but also a time of spiritual renewal.

Heaven Bound Tours is an outgrowth of Gary’s work as a Baptist minister and worship leader for some 30 plus years. Through the years many trips were planned and directed for children, youth and adults of all ages.

During the last several years of Gary’s ministry he worked in organizing and planning group trips for senior adults. He enjoyed working in this area doing the research, planning the places to visit, seeking out the best deals in entertainment, hotels, air travel, bus transportation and it was a natural fit for him as he left full-time vocational ministry to continue to put together group travel packages. It is still his desire to offer the “best” deal that he possibly can so others can enjoy a little bit of “heaven on earth”. There is so much to see and behold in this great country and around the world that it truly is a spiritual experience to look upon God’s handiwork and know that He is God and has created all this for our enjoyment.

Our mission simply put is to provide quality group travel packages at the best possible price. To operate the tours in a Christian environment that seeks to uplift and encourage each individual no matter where the destination takes us.

So we encourage you to come and join Heaven Bound Tours as we see the world and let Gary and Lynn be your tour leader and guide.